I mean this in the nicest way.

Recently I had a client who had carefully and lovingly arranged her collection of over 400 mini shampoo bottles from various hotels in a display — in the bathroom. Literally. The walls were covered, floor-to-ceiling. Are you such a collector? When preparing to sell your home, I highly recommend that you consider taking the collection down and boxing it up. (A local homeless shelter will be glad to make good use of your collection.)

Another client had amassed an impressive collection of newspapers, every year, day, and month, going back decades. Her excuse: For friends’ birthdays, she would clip an article from the day — and year — of that person’s birth. Unless you have a plan for storing this type of collection, it might be time to find a new signature gift idea.

Also, that piano that you’ve been intending to pass on to your niece? Unless it will clearly benefit us to use it in staging your home, now might be a good time to call the moving company and get that item to its intended recipient.

Finally, a clue that you might have to do a more thorough clean-out: Does anything fall on you (or your prospective buyer) when a closet door is opened? It’s time to de-clutter. Hire an organizer if you need help. I can give you a recommendation if you’d like.