Rockridge appeals to the San Francisco buyer who wants to stay connected to their beloved city but would prefer to spend less and get more than you can on the west side of the Bay.

The neighborhood is rightly known for its high concentration of 1900s-30s era arts-and-crafts style “California Craftsman” bungalows. While homes range in size from 2-bedroom 1-bath to multistory mansions, the area maintains a harmonious, unified feel.

Lower Rockridge is walk-to-everything, Upper Rockridge is walk-to-nothing, so to speak. The homes get larger and more pricey as one rises up the hill and the retail wonderland of College Avenue recedes. Notably, a large portion of Upper Rockridge was rebuilt after the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991, resulting in more modern housing stock in that section.

The centrally-located BART station on College Avenue, set amongst a collection of phenomenal restaurants and shops, makes the area unquestionably appealing to the devoted urbanite.

When you live in the Oakland neighborhood of Rockridge, you can literally leave your car at home, walk to BART, walk to coffee, food, boutiques, parks… all over!

Rockridge restaurants

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Rockridge BART Station schedule

Rockridge Community Planning Council (this site is full of neighborhood news, historical information, and more)

Oakland Unified School District

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