I have helped clients buy and sell houses all over Berkeley. For me, there are a few neighborhoods that stand out:

On the Berkeley/Oakland border, the Claremont District features large, stately homes near the famous Claremont Resort and Spa, in the Oakland/Berkeley hills. While elegant, quiet, and remote in feel, the neighborhood is adjacent and easily accessible to Highways 13 and 24 as well as to the vibrant retail districts of Elmwood and Rockridge.

Elmwood, tucked between the campus community surrounding U.C. Berkeley and the edge of Lower Rockridge, tends to offer slightly smaller, less expensive homes of primarily vintage housing stock, while still maintaining an aura of elegance.

Thousand Oaks, a little-known neighborhood, bordered by Solano Avenue, offers a strong community and gorgeous vintage homes in close proximity to great restaurants and shops. Thousand Oaks Elementary is a top school, beloved by its community.

Berkeley Unified School District

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Elmwood shops and restaurants